Top 3 UX Design Interview Questions

Now a days, there are tons of opportunities on the field of user experience. But before you land yourself in a an interview, you should be ready with these 5 questions at most of the good companies will ask you:

  1. What is UX Design?

This is the most common question that every interviewer will ask you. They want want to check your basic understanding of UX design. All you have to remember here is that design is all about solving a user problem and nothing else. You need to tell the interviewer that how it starts with utility and usability of the interface. Most of the people confuse it with just the visual designs or graphic design, but that is really the last and surface level of design that is only meant to delight the user.

2. What is your design process?

Now this is the most important question that will really help you get that damn job. Don’t just talk vaguely here. Open up one of your projects and tell them everything. By everything, I mean starting from identifying the problem, doing the competitive analysis for common UI/UX Design pattens, creating the information architecture to finally showing multiple solution you proposed for the given solution. And don’t for to show-off your knowledge of design system and user accessibility in between. If you think you’re unprepared with this question, real more about the design process here, and link one of your project to this design process. This is a very thorough article on design process, so don’t worry if you could relate it completely with your own design process.

3. Show us your design portfolio

If you’re going for a UX design interview, then portfolio is a must. Here just your dribbble/behance profile may not work. You should be ready with 3-5 projects in your Figma file. Show them the real work, and relate it to the design process you explained to them. Mostly, this interview round takes up to 1-2 hours to complete. Show them each of your project and explain every damn detail you know. And remember, start every project with a design problem and end with the solution you proposed to those solutions.

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