What are UX Design Patterns and why do we need them as designers?

In the world of user experience design, there are a lot of solutions that already exists on the internet. These are recurring solutions, or we can say UX interactions that the users are already aware of. For example, a user already knows how to use a checkbox, a radio button, a toggle button, a drop-down and many other similar UX design interactions. All these patterns are linked to one or more user problems. For example – A user want to navigate from one page to another. One possible solution for that is using the top header page navigation which is a very common UX pattern across the web. I hope you are now clear with what UX designs patterns actually means.

Why do we need UX Designt Patterns?

As a designer, when you come across a requirement where you have start designing something, you do not want to reinvent the wheel and create everything from scratch. There could be numerous solution that exists in the internet for the same designs problem you are solving for. It’s always better to get some inspiration and not reinvent the wheel. To do that, you need see what your competitors are doing, what industry leaders in UX are doing.

For example – You got a new project on Upwork to design a product listings page for their e-commerce website. Now you need to have a look at what industry leaders are doing. Instead of installing a hell lot of apps on you phone, you can just directly come to and look at the product listings UX patterns. Here you will get numerous screenshots from the world’s best user experiences. You may also copy and paste these screenshots in your sketch or figma file to show your client how much research you have done before starting the design.

FreePatterns.Design is the very first website that categories the UX design patterns based on the e-commerce funnel. Here you can see the UX design patterns for the following categories:

  1. Storefront UX Design Pattern
  2. Listings UX Design Pattern
  3. Product Details UX Design Pattern
  4. Review/Cart UX Design Pattern
  5. Nudge/Banners UX Design Pattern
  6. Cross-sell UX Design Pattern
  7. Purchase Confidence UX Design Pattern

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