7 things that every UX designer should know

  1. A/B Tests

Let’s say your client is saying her version of the UX design is better and your think your version is better. To know, which version is working for the users, we use A/B test. An A/B test is always associated with a success metric. Let’s say if you want to people to download your e-book after looking at certain information on your page, and you have two design variations for that page. Then A/B Test can really tell you which version is working better by dividing the audience into two equal parts. One set of people will see Variation A and another half will see Variation B. Now the success metrics will be percentage of e-book downloads, also known as conversion rate. Variation with better conversion rate will be the winner. You can also run an A/B test with multiple variations.

2. User Accessibility

In UX design, you want to cater to all the users. Accessibility helps people with disabilities use the interface. There are strict guidelines available on the web that we should follow while designing the user experiences.

3. 3 click Rule

In most of the cases, a user will exit the website if she doesn’t find the required information in 3 clicks. That’s the 3 click rule.

4. Information Architecture

It is also about how you organise and structure all the content on the website. Do you know a human mind can hold only 7-bit of information in their short term memory. So why to make it even more difficult for them. Organising all the data points into meaningful categories is always a great option while designing the UX.

5. Competitive Study

Look at the competitors to see all of their good and bad parts of UX before starting the design solution. It helps you take better decisions while finding the right user experience. Use to start your competitive study, it has patterns from the best commerce funnels.

6. 5- second test

Multiple users are shown the design for 5 seconds and asked to recall what they saw on the page. This is to see the impact of design on impatient users.

7. Heat Maps & Click Maps

These are the measurement of where the user is clicking or looking the most while using the design. It really helps in improving the overall user experience of the website or app.

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